A special thank you and note of appreciation to those below for the kind words about my music and my novel.

“It is your heart that captures the essence of your great songs.” Trish, M,I, USA  

"I love your Christmas song/poetry." A Gwinner, Germany

'Until It Gets To The End.' "That is one great song, Neil. Loved everything about it. Great rhythm, great backup and well delivered!  Awesome!" John Sands Music, NS, CA

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I have to give 'A Beautiful Romance' a 100! ~ It is a great song." Mike, NY, USA 

'A Beautiful Romance'  - "Neil, I love it, absolutely beautiful, I'd give it a 100 as well." Susie, GA, USA 

'For You' - "Now I really like this one Neil!!! Love the sound and the feeling this gives me. This is a gem really brother!!! This style suits you and you sang the wheels off brother!!!! Super!!!!!" T Fleeman, Oregon, USA

"I wanted to tell you that I found your website this morning ... what a treat!  I will be following you further." Tasia, NS, CA
"You have inspired me in so many ways, even on my darkest days, I listen to your music always makes my days brighter." Tammy, USA 

“I wanted to let you know that it isn’t often one encounters something in life that lights the path of the soul, I have always needed ruggedly wild and beautiful landscape to pull me through this life, and your music has become one of the maps for my journey.” E R Montoya, LA, USA 
"Your songs are superb, the production is genius and the talent is phenomenal." Les, OK, USA 

'Big Steel Wheels' - “Neil w Young once again gifts the world with his marvelous voice and storytelling in song.” Evie, AZ, USA 
‘Hot Rod Star’ - “It's got it all. Good story. Good groove. This is Top 40 hit material." Mike, KS, USA 
'Light Year Life' - “One of the most ‘blues-infested songs of the last few years.” DrWartHoover, DJ, SevernFM, Gloucester, UK
'Old Memories CD album' - "I just finished listening to your new album for the second time .. it's BRILLIANT!! Every aspect of this production is excellent. It's alive! Very good work by the band, they were tight - and the guy working the console was right on. Your songs are great and you delivered them well. . . You ROCK man! It would be hard for me to pick favourites - but 'Fire on the Water' and 'Everyone has a Dream' are awesome tracks. Those two little angel voices added so much to 'Everyone has a Dream'. Beautiful! 'Loch Lomond' - that is the best arrangement of that song I have ever heard. Congratulations on a great new album, Neil." John Sands Music, NS, CA
'No Looking Back' CD album - “Music the way country music should be - pure and honest and from the heart.” Bobby Lawson, Member, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, OH, USA  

'What Difference Will It Make' CD album - "Neil closes the album on the title tune, sounding a bit like a Leonard Cohen song. The song reminded me a lot of Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'. Well done Neil 'w' ... another album of great songs and music. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from me!!" Marc Bristol, Editor, Blue Suede News magazine, Duvall WA, USA  

'The Price of Freedom' - "Thank you for your song and that ringing line, 'We threw them waves of soldiers into god-forsaken wars.' I will keep your song beside me on November the 11th." Peter Trueman, News Anchor, Global Television Network, Oct 24, 1987  

'The Price of Freedom' - "Your Remembrance Day song is very touching." Barbara Frum, Radio & Television Journalist, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 11 Dec 1987  

‘The Summer Garden and the Song’ - “I am almost finished Book 1 and loving it. You are so talented, great writing skills. I have laughed and cried reading it.” Gretchen, FL, USA  

‘The Summer Garden and the Song’ - "An enjoyable and engaging novel … gave me an insight into rural life in Ontario in the late '50s. The characterization was excellent and the dialogue very natural. As very much a city boy, I found the details of farm life fascinating." Charlie, Dorset, UK   

 ‘The Summer Garden and the Song’ - "Just a short note to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. Your descriptions are so vivid and your dialogue so realistic. Looking forward to reading Book 2. The story is one of those page turners." Lina, ON , CA 

‘The Summer Garden and the Song’ - “I totally loved the book.” Kristy, ON, CA

‘The Summer Garden and the Song’ - “It's a great story and you told it well. You made Stephanie and Mick real for me.” Doug J, ON, CA 

"Neil, you are living proof that music and artistic creation, in general, is the true fountain of youth." Larree, CA, USA