"For the residents of Haddon Junction, who had brought in the New Year with the usual revelry and celebration, there was scant reason to expect 1959 to not come and go pretty much like any other year - with little of any consequence to remember it for. 

For some though, and especially for Mick Neilson, now seventeen years old, it would be a year to never forget."


Set in and around the fictional village of Haddon Junction in Norfolk County, circa 1959, in the tobacco heartland of Southwestern Ontario, this is a coming-of-age story, a love story ~ a story of loves gained, loves lost, and loves unconditional. It is the story of Mick Neilson, the Summer Garden, and a song. 

Book 1 - 'The Summer Garden and the Song - The Circle of Life' was published July 2016.

Book 2 - 'The Summer Garden and the Song - Harvest' was published November 2016.

The expected date of release of Book 3 - 'The Summer Garden and the Song - On the Threshold of a Dream' is early 2021

It is anticipated that Book 3 will be the last book of the novel.




The love theme woven through the pages of 'the summer garden and the song'

"There's Just the one and only you"

Written in 1959 by the author N.W. Young (Neil w Young) while in high school, the song was destined to become the love theme for his novel that he wrote 50 years later.

In the information that comes with his CD album, No Looking Back, that includes the song, Neil writes, "I think now, perhaps in a way, my music has allowed me to become the true messenger of my spirit and my soul in much the same as "There's Just The One And Only You", after having its beginning as a song in one of my high school notebooks those many years ago was destined to become the love theme woven through the pages of my novel."



 "'The Summer Garden and the Song - The Circle of Life' was an enjoyable and engaging novel and gave me an insight into rural life in Ontario in the late '50s. I thought that the characterization was excellent and the dialogue very natural. As very much a city boy, I found the details of farm life fascinating. The love story was very moving and the tensions caused within the family were sensitively portrayed (and sometimes painful to read). I can't wait to read Book 2 ~ 'Harvest'. So well done." ~ C H, Dorset, England 

"I love a good book to read when work is slow. I have just finished Book 1 of Neil w Young's novel. Neil has been a great friend for many years. I love his writing talent in books and music. I waited many years for him to finish his novel and it was worth every year. I am so glad that I purchased both Books 1 & 2 at the same time. I would have felt very alone without Book 2 to take up where Book 1 had left off. I feel like I am part of the town Haddon Junction and the Neilson family that is depicted in the novel. I am a couple chapters into Book 2 already and hope for some more slow nights at work!" ~ J S H, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 

“I am almost finished with Book 1, and I am loving it. You are so talented, great writing skills. I have laughed and cried reading it.” ~ G O, Rockledge, Florida 

“Just a short note to tell you how much I am enjoying your book, as I am really getting into it. Your descriptions are so vivid and your dialogue so realistic. It is all the little details about the music, the songs and the bands that also add so much. I am only partway through the first book, I look forward to getting the second one.” ~ L N, Waterloo, Ontario



Book 2, Harvest, continues the story of Mick Neilson and Haddon Junction, along with more unexpected twists  and turns in Mick’s life, all leading to a Book 3 currently in the process of being written.