WELCOME to the internet home of Neil w Young - songwriter, recording artist and author, aka N.W. Young - author of The Summer Garden and the Song, and the home of Neil's record label, Restless Wind Records.

A songwriter since 1959 when in high school, a member of ‘no name’ garage bands through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, a member in 2002 of Downtown Jam in Toronto participating in weekly make-up bands, and with 5 albums and several single releases to his credit, in addition to currently writing Book 3 of his novel The Summer Garden and the Song, Neil is working with his producer, Juno nominee Ray Lyell, preparing to record more songs that he has written.

Neil has written all of his single mp3 releases and all the songs on his 5 CD albums except for "Call Me The Breeze" and "For You" both licenced on his Dreams In The Wind CD album, the first 14 cover songs (licenced) on his Those Were The Days CD album, and "Loch Lomond" in the public domain on his Old Memories CD album. He has more songs that he has written that he plans to release as mp3 singles as well as plans for a possible special vinyl album.

In 2019, Neil was nominated in the IAIA (International Academy of Independent Artists) Golden Kayak Awards for Best Male Artist,  Best Alternative Song "Dreams in the Wind",  Best Classic and Progressive Rock Song "Rock This Place", Best Country Song "Another Twenty Miles", Best Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana Song "1959", and Best Miscellaneous Song "The Promised Land of Paradise", all songs on his album, Dreams In The Wind, released in April 2019.

Neil was honoured to receive his third Golden Kayak Award  January 14, 2018 for "Best Song 2017" in the Miscellaneous awards category for his cover of “Hey Boba Lou" written by Robbie Robertson, Ronnie Hawkins and Jacqueline Magill. The song is on Neil's Those Were The Days CD album.

Neil's roots are deep country, proudly reflecting his early years growing up on the family farm in part of the now slowly disappearing tobacco farming heartland of south western Ontario.

It was during his high school years beginning in the mid 1950's when Neil's love of the music inspired by the era of the dawning of Rock 'n' Roll ignited his passion as a songwriter and singer. It was not until decades later after he had "retired" from a 35-year entrepreneurial business career that he had the opportunity to give himself the room to let that light begin to shine and to follow his dream that was crystallized in 1959.

From tumbleweeds drifting along old Route 66 and flashy 1950's convertibles, to rusted-out flatbed trucks and walking down railroad tracks, it is hard not to picture Johnny Cash here. Even more so with Neil's self-effacing western lilt and a soft southern drawl influenced in part during his teens while toiling in summer sun-baked Southern Ontario tobacco fields alongside his co-workers from the Carolina's and Georgia.

Neil was a nominee in the 2008 Hamilton Music Awards for New Country Recording of the Year for his debut album No Looking Back, and in the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards for Alt/Country Recording of the Year for his album What Difference Will It Make released in July 2012.  

Bobby Lawson, Rockabilly Hall of Fame member, said the following about Neil's debut CD No Looking Back:, "A great CD, these are eleven great songs, beautifully written and sung. Neil puts his all in these songs, from the heart and from the soul. I recommend this CD and Neil w Young to everyone who likes it country."

Evie Romero Montoya, a new friend on MySpace at the time, wrote to Neil in June, 2009, expressing her feelings about his music saying, "Your music takes me back to those times in my life that I now see as idyllic, the times my mother traveled with us girls through the deserts of the west, and along the train tracks of another era. I wanted to let you know that it isn't often one encounters something in this life that lights the path of the soul. I have always needed ruggedly wild and beautiful landscapes to pull me through this life, and your music has become one of the maps for my journey."  

Christian Lamitschka, Country Home - Germany’s Premier Country Music Magazine, wrote the following about Neil's debut album No Looking Back, "Some dreams come thru really late, but then when it happens, the joy is much bigger.  And even the man is over 50, he has the energy of a 25 year old. His songs have an honesty that hasn't been heard in a long time.”

Prior to following his passion over the last 15 years as a songwriter, recording artist and author, Neil had a successful 35-year entrepreneurial business career.

Included in Neil's list of accomplishments during that period of his varied business interests and activities in real estate development and investment, was being the first developer in 10 years to receive approval for a housing development in the then Township of Brantford when he received the green light in 1974 to proceed with the development of Royal Highland Estates considered today as one of the finest housing developments in the County of Brant, as well as having owned and completed the restoration of two architectural and historically significant buildings in the heart of downtown Brantford, Ontario. In addition, Neil founded and served as executive director & team / tour manager of world touring Rhapsody On Ice - an international touring troupe of precision / synchro ice dancers that he took around the world for seven years in his "spare" time between 1985 and 1992, traveling to and performing in Australia; New Zealand; across the U.S in Florida, Arizona, California and Hawaii, including countless performances in Ontario and in Edmonton, Alberta, followed by tours to England, Spain, Hong Kong and Denmark. In recognition of his role in Rhapsody On Ice along with members of the troupe, in June 2019, Neil was inducted in the Brantford and Area Sports Hall of Recognition located at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.

In the latter years of his entrepreneurial career, Neil received a film credit for his part as Special Consultant in the 2003 documentary Piaf … Her Story … Her Songs, about the life of French chanteuse, Edith Piaf. Neil's involvement in the Piaf documentary took him to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch studios in California.

A Western Ontario Secondary School Honour Athlete in 1960 and a graduate of Burford District High School, Neil graduated in 1964 from Waterloo Lutheran University / Waterloo University College Faculty of Arts now known as Wilfred Laurier University.

He purposely spells his name "Neil w Young" with his middle initial "w" always appearing in the lower case with no period - a step he took to create a "branding" style for his name, as well as wanting to be seen standing apart in the world of music from his more accomplished countryman three years his junior who shares the same first and last name with him, and who he greatly respects.

Neil adds his own words here saying, "My sincere thanks and appreciation to all for the interest and support of my songs and music, and to all of the outstanding musicians and artists on my albums to whom I shall be forever grateful, and to my many friends and fans around the world, and to my small family for their undying love and support, for without you all, I would not be what I am today."

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