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Welcome to the remarkable once-in-a-lifetime story of Rhapsody On Ice,  
a story that unfolded around the world between 1985 and 1992; a story of young figure skaters, athletes in their own right, from Ontario, Canada - unofficial  
yet worthy ambassadors of Canadian precision/synchro skating, who held on tight to the dream they had from the first day they  
put on a pair of figure skates to the day they had the opportunity to live the dream if only for one brief and incredible shining moment in  
time; a story of pride in the part each team member played in representing the sport of figure skating and precision/synchro skating,  
the City of Brantford and Canada in the eyes of the world; a story unlike any other in the world of figure skating; a story that was etched into
figure skating and local sports history on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, when Rhapsody On Ice, its members and management/administrative
team were inducted into the Brantford and Area Sports Hall of Recognition.  
Welcome to Rhapsody On Ice.  
'Nothing like it before ... Nothing like it since' ®  

1985 ~ 1992

'... the dream is not the destination, it is the journey ...'

If for no other reason than gaining  
a slightly greater understanding and perspective of the value  
and importance of dreams and imagination to the essence of life, or if the chance  
of a lifetime experience helped young figure skaters to realize a dream while representing their sport,  
the City of Brantford and Canada in the eyes of the world, or if Rhapsody played even a small part of which each  
skater took with them as they began their career and the rest of their life, then Rhapsody's goal in playing a special role in  
their precious time on this earth was achieved.  

Rhapsody On Ice truly was a dream, but more than a dream, it was a vision - a vision to go beyond  
and farther than the team members, and many others close to the dream, had ever imagined would be possible,  
not only reaching for the top and the golden ring, but grasping a special part of it, if only for one brief and incredible shining moment in time.  

Rhapsody On Ice    

'Nothing like it before ... Nothing like it since' ®

Rhapsody On Ice ~ 'Viva Precision' ~ Skate Asia '89 Gala, Hong Kong Coliseum ~ March 24, 1989

Rhapsody On Ice ~ 'Viva Precision' ~ Skate Asia '89 Gala, Hong Kong Coliseum ~ March 24, 1989

It was the same every performance, every show - the heartbeat quickens, the curtain rises - that moment when time stops   
and you feel the wonder, pride and emotion, that spark of anticipation and excitement that comes from deep within   
when the magic of the lights, the costumes, that first beat of the music instantly transforms you and everything   
around you into that magical and wondrous world of your dreams and everything you ever wanted to be   
from the moment you put on your first pair of figure skates, and with the rising applause of the   
audience you feel a sudden burst of pride and emotion surging within you, at that very   
moment in time you take your place in Rhapsody's dream odyssey not only   
reaching for the golden ring, but grasping it if only for one brief and   
incredibly shining moment in time.


To promote and encourage precision / synchro and recreational skating by amateurs, to provide an advanced skills development and  
training program for members, to develop cultural and athletic exchanges, to assist in volunteer community activities, to promote  
youth, sport and recreation for the general benefit of the community, and to raise awareness of the importance and worldwide appeal  
and interest in the sport of precision / synchro skating that it might one day be recognized as an event in the Winter Olympics.