A turning point in Neil's life brought him to that place characterized by the great New York Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra: 'When you come to the fork in the road, take it.'

"I did and I took it," he said.

"In a roundabout way it led me back to my country roots and to my music that I had left behind many years before paving the way for me to have the opportunity to pursue my life-long dream."

Born in Brantford Ontario Canada, Neil's country music roots were nurtured growing up on the family farm north of Mount Vernon Ontario where he began singing as a young boy in the choir in the small rural church he attended with his family.

He began writing songs and playing guitar as a teenager going to high school during the legendary 1950's Country Rockabilly era and the dawning of Rock and Roll.

Living now in Paris Ontario within a stone's throw of where he grew up on the family farm, Neil found it the perfect place to embark on his life-long dream to become a recording artist in addition to writing his long-postponed novel, "The Summer Garden and the Song". Published and released in 2016 as a 2-book series, the novel was many years in the making and in the writing. A Book 3 sequel is to be expected.

Neil says that in a way his music has allowed him to become the true messenger of his spirit and soul in much the same way as his song "There's Just The One And Only You" written in 1959 was destined to become the love theme woven through the pages of his novel.

From tumbleweeds drifting along old Route 66 and flashy 1950's convertibles, to rusted-out flatbed trucks and walking down train tracks, it is hard not to picture Johnny Cash here. Even more so with Neil's self-effacing western lilt and a soft southern drawl influenced in part during his teens toiling in summer sun-baked southern Ontario tobacco fields alongside his co-workers from the Carolina's and Georgia.

Neil was honoured to be named on the front cover of the July 1, 2007 CASHBOX Magazine as one of the "awesome Indies gracing our Independent Charts every week".

He was a nominee at the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards for Alt/Country Recording of the Year for his album "What Difference Will It Make" released in July 2012 and in the 2008 Awards for New Country Recording of the Year for his debut album "No Looking Back" released in August 2007.

Neil was the recipient of the IAIA (International Academy of Independent Artists) Golden Kayak award for Best Country Song 2007 - "The Cowboy Song".

He received his second Golden Kayak award for Best Classic and Progressive Rock Song 2016 - "Fire on the Water" and his third Golden Kayak award for Best Miscellaneous Song 2017 for his cover of "Hey Boba Lou".

He purposely spells his name Neil w Young with his middle initial "w" appearing in the lower case with no period following it - a step he says that was intended to create a "branding" style for his name, as well as wanting to be seen standing apart in the world of music from his accomplished countryman three years his junior who shares the same first and last name as him and who he greatly respects.

Neil is a Western Ontario Secondary School Honor Athlete and graduate of Burford District High School and Waterloo Lutheran University - Waterloo University College Faculty now known as Wilfred Laurier University.

Prior to embarking on his late in life second career as a singer / songwriter, recording artist and author Neil had enjoyed a successful 35-year entrepreneurial business career.

His four CD albums and Christmas mp3 single are available on iTunes, and

His two books "The Summer Garden and the Song: The Circle of Life", and "The Summer Garden and the Song: Harvest" are available on,, and at Green Heron Books in Paris Ontario.