From the recording Those Were The Days

Written by Neil w Young
Copyright: Neil w Young Restless Wind Records

Vocals | Neil w Young
Acoustic guitar | Ray Lyell
Bass guitar | Mike DeBenedictis
Piano | Ray Lyell
Saxophone | David Rodenburg
Drums | Roger Banks


With the greatest respect, it feels fitting to close the album with “Hot Rod Star”, a rockabilly song that I wrote and recorded several years ago and that was inspired by some of the greatest songwriters and artists such as those on this album.
I dedicate the song here as my personal tribute and appreciation to them and to the legendary 1950's Country, Blues and Rockabilly era and the dawning of Rock and Roll.
I was fortunate to have been a part of those days in the making, and of the music that defined the times.
Yes, those really were the days.

Written by Neil w Young
Copyright © Neil w Young Restless Wind Records