1. Midnight Rider

From the recordings Dreams In The Wind and Midnight Rider

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Written by Neil w Young

Lead vocals | Neil w Young
Harmonies | Mary Jo Bailey Lyell
Electric guitar | John Lewis
Bass guitar | Ray Lyell
Acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin | Joe Clark
Hammond organ | Jesse O'Brien
Drums | Tone Valcic


Midnight rider, travellin’ all alone
Always on the move, no place is home
In the burnin’ desert sun, and the freezin’ mountain snow
A hangman’s posse soon bound to show
He’ll have to keep on runnin’ and stayin’ low
Might make it far enough where he won’t be known
Just one mistake and he’s sure a dead man
No one would ever know why fate dealt this hand

Midnight Rider, Midnight Rider

Move on midnight rider through ev’ry lonesome town
He’ll never find a home anywhere around
All alone with the truth in his mind
The stranger played a cheatin’ hand, three of a kind
He called his bluff the stranger drew his gun
Faced with a no win option shoot or run
Turned to gamblin’ paid a high price and lost
Can’t buy his life now at any cost

Midnight Rider, Midnight Rider

If you see the midnight rider, he might have another name
But don’t forget, names can be different but the faces stay the same
They move like lonely riders in ev’ry lonesome town
They’re shadows of many men anywhere around

Midnight Rider, Midnight Rider

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